Welcome to the Swedish Association of Educational Writers (SLFF)

SLFF is the principal copyright organisation for Swedish writers of educational books and materials with some 1, 600 members. Would you like to make contact with Swedish writers of educational materials? Send an e-mail to adm@slff.se.

Aims of SLFF
Chronology of SLFF
Members and membership
Further information

Issues of current interest

  • How to maintain copyright in the digital world
  • The quality of educational materials
  • The identity of the author of educational books and materials

Aims of SLFF

  • to safeguard the educational writers' rights in dealing with publishers and authorities
  • to negotiate general agreements and other agreements with publishers and organisations
  • to monitor issues concerning copyright
  • to offer extensive service to its members to increase the members' competence and to create fellowships among authors
  • to work for better contacts among all those in the field of teaching materials, both within Sweden and abroad
  • to promote intensive co-operation, both internationally and within Scandinavia

Chronology of SLFF


The SLFF members create teaching materials in all subjects for all levels and with all publishers. Click here for Information about membership and application forms.

Further information

SLFF Office, Drottninggatan 61, 1 tr
SE-111 21 Stockholm, Sweden.
Tel +46 8 440 84 80
Fax +46 8 440 84 89
E-mail: adm@slff.se


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